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Best of 2018 Twitter Movements & Moments

Social media, for better or worse, permeates many aspects of both our personal and professional lives. "Science Twitter" 1) facilitates the sharing of research and information between colleagues, other scientists, and the public, 2) builds community and cultivates relationships, and 3) generates awareness and drives social change. As the year comes to a close, the FeminaSci team shares some of their favorite Twitter movements and moments of 2018.


Project Biodiversify @biodiversifying

"Project Biodiversify is a repository of teaching materials & methods aimed at enhancing diversity & inclusivity in biology courses." We love this project. Submit your own research or that of your favorite scientist at their website!

Lone Microcentrifuge Tube @lost_eppendorf

"A microcentrifuge tube lost and forgotten underneath a lab refrigerator." A moment in the life of a lowly eppendorf tube;


500QueerScientists @500QueerSci

"A new visibility campaign for the LGBTQ+ STEM community — aka a powerful source of scientific progress."


We are R-Ladies @WeAreRLadies

Rolling Twitter feed curated (weekly) by women and gender minorities who use R for data science. The community is super supportive and inspiring!



"Holding academia, publishing and our science societies accountable for harassment. Women in STEM have the highest rate of sexual harassment of any profession outside the military. Read our stories & publish yours."


9 Reply Guys @9replyguys

"Dedicated to the men (and women) who repeat the same tired replies. Stop replying, start listening." Responding to men on Twitter as a woman of science is exhausting. This handy guide should help.


Briana @_inherlane

Graduate student at NC State College of Education reflects on grad school life. We particularly like point #3: Use a citation manager.


PopGenGoogling @popgengoogling

"Real google searches from population genetics grad students who are definitely real people." Who is this and how did they find my google search history?!?!

Amy Burgin @burginam

Associate Professor of aquatic biogeochemistry at University of Kansas. Dr. Amy Burgin shares tips for mentoring first generation college students.

Katharine Hayhoe @KHayhoe

Climate atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University who authored the 4th US National Climate Assessment laying out ‘exactly how climate change is affecting every region and most sectors of the US’. She was mandated to write this report for the administration who just didn’t believe it. When it comes to the science behind climate change;

NASA InSight Landing @NASAInSight

"The InSight mission will study the early evolution of terrestrial planets. Launched May 5, 2018. Landed Nov. 26, 2018." For up-to-date info on NASA’s InSight rover. InSight was designed to study the deep interior of Mars.

What were your favorite Twitter movements and moments of 2018? Let us know! The FeminaSci team is looking forward to more conversations in 2019, and we hope you'll join in!