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Women's March Musings

The FeminiSci team hit the streets for the Women’s March last weekend, and we are inspired.

From Ottawa, Ontario to Ithaca, NY; Portland, Oregon; Oakland, California; Denver, Colorado; Raleigh, North Carolina to Washington, DC, we marched.


We marched for logic, rationality, respect, hope, and love. We marched for equality, and for our planet’s future–for social and environmental justice. We marched as women for women–because all women should have a voice. We marched for science, for truth, and for climate action. We marched out of concern for what the next four years will bring. We will not normalize this administration! We marched in solidarity. We marched for our rights.

The day was transformative. From all corners of the country, we felt energized, supported, grounded, and powerful. We were filled with happiness and love. The hopeless fog of the last few months burned away leaving a stunning realization that we are few of many. We found our voice. We found solidarity and acceptance among the massive crowds. We recognized that we all experience different aspects and varying degrees of social injustice and need to fight for each other. We rallied behind an inclusive platform. This inspiration will fuel us in the days, months, and years to come.

We walked away motivated, with our sleeves rolled up. We WILL stay engaged and are ready to take action. Our work begins now!

***All media is from the FeminiSci team.

Photography by Armanda Roco