fēmina (woman/femme)

scīscitātor (scientist/examiner/investigator)




This project was founded to create an online community that promotes the empowerment of women in science, both personally and professionally. The mission of FeminaSci is to

  • share our experiences and perspectives

  • develop our identities

  • build a supportive community

  • highlight stories and perspectives of a diverse science community

We host panel discussions, personal essays, and interview blog posts, book clubs, and other events. Our perspective is limited to one of white women in science, and we acknowledge this immense privilege. Our discussions and conversations won’t necessarily mirror the experiences of women of color and other underrepresented minorities in STEM. We welcome additional voices! If you are interested in contributing to our community, please send us a message

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We are biogeochemists, bioinformaticians, ecologists, engineers, evolutionary biologists, hydrologists, and microbiologists. We are scientists, and we are women. We belong to a science community born out of a shared graduate school experience at Cornell University and built on relationships we describe as colleagues, interdisciplinary collaborators, peers, and mentors, and, most importantly, friends. We are here to support each other as we navigate and discuss life as early career scientists.

Photography by Armanda Roco